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Art Print in Blue melamine cup (tall)
Art Print in Blue melamine cup (tall)

Art Print in Blue melamine cup (tall)

R 199.00

This is part of the collection designed in collaboration with Dutch artist and designer, Joëlle Wehkamp. Taking versatility to a new level, the tall cup is great for smoothies, cold drinks, as a bathroom basin cup, a pen holder, a sweet little vase, and, filled with sweets or chocolates, makes a lovely gift. Available in two other colours and in the medium-sized cup.

Height: 13cm 
Diameter: 9cm
Volume: 400ml

Dishwasher safe (60 - 70°C) 
Not for use in microwave 
Suitable for drinks up to max 70 degrees, do not use for boiling water
Free of bisphenol A and phthalates

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